Los Angeles Public Schools hit by Ransomware Attack

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Los Angeles Public Schools one of the country’s largest public school districts had their computer systems hit by ransomware over the Labor Day weekend. Prompting the district to shut down all major computer systems to halt the attack.

This caused teacher delays in accessing online lesson plans and attendance for several hours.

The attack hit the School’s facilities systems on Saturday which oversees contract bidding. As per the School’s Administrator they received no demands from the hackers and the school was advised by the FBI to not reveal how the breach took place.

By late Monday night scans confirmed all systems would be active and ready for school on Tuesday. The District had all their employees and all 540,000 students reset their passwords.

The Administrator did say that the system that manages student information was penetrated but so far there has not been any signs that individual data for the students was taken.

The LA School District is currently receiving assistance from the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security.