FBI warns small businesses of increase in Cyber-attacks

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Denver’s FBI field office is encouraging small and medium-sized businesses across the state to reinforce their security following a new increase in cyber-attacks.

The Denver field office, said there’s been a “critical increment” in the quantity of attacks, especially with ransomware. In 2021 those attacks brought about businesses losing $2.4 billion, an increment of more than $500 million from cyber-attacks compared to 2020.

“The heightening cyber danger is a truly significant issue, not only to law enforcement, but also to the private sector,” “We have most certainly seen increasingly more private-area organizations become casualties of cyber-attacks. Here in Colorado, we’ve had various occurrences, including some exceptionally high-profile cases.” – (FBI Denver office)

The FBI pointed out a breach against Children’s Hospital Colorado in 2020, as well as a ransomware attack in 2021 against Greeley-based JBS USA, which caused the meatpacking organization to briefly close its plants.

All the more as of late, the FBI examined ransomware attacks against two medical centers in Colorado and Kansas, in which hackers scrambled the offices’ PC frameworks and wouldn’t unlock them until the clinics sent them Bitcoin payments. Last month, the Justice Department seized the money from the hackers and returned it to the medical centers.

Hackers have additionally targeted Colorado counties. The town of Frederick detailed a ransomware attack in July, and Gunnison County was swindled out of almost $700,000 recently. The county made payments to individuals posing as delegates from the county’s insurance vendor. The FBI is right now investigating the Gunnison County incident.