5 Million Android Phones infected by Malware

Check Point Mobile Security team researchers have stated 5 Million Android Phones manufactured by the Companies – Honor, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo, Samsung and GIONEE came out of Production with pre-installed Malware.

Dubbed RottenSys, the malware was pre-installed as a “System Wi-Fi service app” on millions of brand new smartphones taking over almost all sensitive Android permissions to enable its malicious activities.

To check if your device is infected with this Malware, go to Android system settings→ App Manager, and then look for the following possible malware package names:

  • com.android.yellowcalendarz
  • com.changmi.launcher
  • com.android.services.securewifi
  • com.system.service.zdsgt
If any of above is in the list of your installed apps, simply uninstall it.